For any female entrepreneur out there struggling with the challenges of managing work alongside family and social duties, you’re not alone — and pop star-turned-businesswoman Victoria Beckham can relate.

Speaking at this month’s London Fashion Week, the fashion designer told CNBC’s Tania Bryer that “it’s not easy” juggling it all, but she enjoys her job and works hard for it.

“Everybody says, ‘Do you ever freak out?’ ‘Yeah, absolutely,'” Beckham said Sunday. “We all do. When you’re a working mum, you feel torn, you feel guilty, but I just do the best that I can do. My kids and (soccer star husband) David will always come first.

“But it is no different for me to how it is for other working women — that’s why we need to support each other, first and foremost.”

Beckham said that “there can never be too much support” when it comes to building a business while looking after a family. She added that she had “no time” for those who criticize women who seek to tackle the work-life balance in their own way.

Victoria Beckham at the Victoria Beckham show during London Fashion Week September 2018
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Victoria Beckham at the Victoria Beckham show during London Fashion Week September 2018
“I’m doing the best I can creatively, as a wife, as a mum — I’m working hard,” she said.

The designer admitted that she was quite hard on herself when it came to her work, because each season she wants her collection “to be stronger and better than the last season.”

Although Beckham typically shows her mainline collection at New York Fashion Week, this September she decided to showcase it in London.

She rose to fame in the 1990s as part of the Spice Girls. Having dabbled in music, television and publishing, Beckham went on to launch her eponymous fashion label in 2008. It now offers a large variety of products including accessories, bags, dresses and eyewear.

With this year marking her brand’s 10th anniversary, Beckham admitted that she has “learned a lot” and continues to do so as the fashion industry transforms.

“I’ve learned a lot from my team and I’ve learned a lot about the business — I’ve had to, as I hadn’t done this before. So I’ve surrounded myself with the right people and the team has grown with each season,” she said.

Today, the Victoria Beckham brand is found in more than 400 stores in over 50 countries.

Despite any challenges facing her company and the industry at large, alongside the ever-changing consumer and digital world, Beckham said she’s still passionate about what she does.

“I love what I do. I wake up every day and I pinch myself. I’ve got the best job in the world.”